Diseases That Might Be Present in Your Home


The presence of germs is likely in both public and private places. You might require more than your regular house cleaning routine to disinfect and sanitize your home, which needs the help of professional cleaning services in SeaTac, Washington. Germ-causing diseases commonly found in homes are as follows:

  • Respiratory infections: Most respiratory infections are transmissible through the air. Common colds, influenza, and COVID-19 are among the top diseases that are easily spread when one family member is infected with the bacteria or virus. Apart from regular disinfection practices from a commercial office cleaning agency, it also pays off to observe proper hygiene and wearing masks.
  • Waterborne and foodborne diseases: Contaminated water and food sources may stem from poor sanitation, poor food handling, and inadequate refrigeration. For home and office cleaning in Lake City, regular checking of the quality of running and drinking water helps in eliminating waterborne diseases such as cholera, giardiasis, and cryptosporidiosis. Meanwhile, foodborne illnesses can be prevented by washing the kitchen tools, proper food preparation techniques, and cleaning the refrigerator.
  • Lead and carbon monoxide poisoning: Lead-based products are the primary contributors to lead poisoning. To avoid the worst-case scenario, consult a professional from Supreme Cleaning Service about which products to avoid. On the other hand, carbon monoxide poisoning often occurs due to poor ventilation and faulty heating systems like gas appliances. Inspection, repairs, and carbon monoxide detectors help prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

For quality home and office cleaning in Washington, we are more than willing to lend a hand. Potential customers can request a quote for free before booking our services. All you need to do is fill out the request form on our website.

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