Gas vs. Electric Pressure Washers: The Pros and Cons


We have all been there. At some point, we have had to deal with stubborn grime and dirt that just won’t come off the surface despite trying everything. You have used plain water, soap, and even unpleasant chemicals, together with intense scrubbing and scouring, but to no avail. In cases like this, a pressure washer is truly a lifesaver. Many people are now using pressure washers to clean patios, drives, lawn furniture, and all kinds of outdoor grime.

In general, a pressure washer can run in two ways. It can be powered by either an electric motor or a gas engine. Most smaller pressure washers often run off the domestic electric supply. On the other hand, bigger models tend to be powered by compact gasoline engines.

In case you are wondering which of the two kinds of pressure washers is best suited for your office cleaning in Washington, continue reading below.

  • Gas Pressure Washers
    Gas-powered pressure washers typically provide higher PSI (pounds of pressure per square inch) and GPM (gallons of water per minute) than electricity-powered ones. In short, they are more powerful and can clean surfaces faster. They are perfect for roof cleaning in Woodinville since they are portable. However, gas pressure washers require constant maintenance and produce emissions.
  • Electric Pressure Washers
    Electric pressure washers use electricity to create pressurized water jets. They are more convenient since they are not high-maintenance and do not produce harmful emissions. They are great for indoor and commercial office cleaning. One of their major drawbacks is that they need a power source to operate.

Pressure washing is one of the cleaning services in SeaTac, Washington that we offer.
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