Telltale Signs that You Need Roof Cleaning Services


As a provider of commercial office cleaningcommercial office cleaning services that also offers roof cleaning, we specialize in maintaining the cleanliness of private and commercial spaces. Let us share our expertise about learning the signs indicating you need to get your roof professionally cleaned.

You need to call for cleaning services if:

  • you can see permanent discoloration on your roof shingles
  • you can see green spots (which can be a sign of algae)
  • your roof shingles look dull and faded even if it is only a few years old
  • you can see black spots (which can be a sign of moss growth)

It might be time for a professional roof cleaning if you notice these signs. Act now before the problem worsens, as this can cause more problems in the future. But sometimes, it is best not to wait for symptoms to show. Regular roof cleaning is the best way to go. This can save you from a headache and from losing more money than necessary in the long run.

Experts from the best roof cleaning in Seattle recommend cleaning your roof annually. However, if your roof is newly installed, you can get away with washing it once every two years. Do these cleaning tasks during summer to ensure it is dry and safe to walk on, preventing injuries from slips or falls.

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