Telltale Signs You Need to Have Your Roof Cleaned


The roof is an important part of any building as it provides structural support and helps keep the entire building together. Without a roof, many aspects, like electrical wiring, lighting, and interior design are not possible to have. Similar to commercial hood cleaning, however- roof cleaning and maintenance are often overlooked.

As a business specializing in commercial office cleaning, we will discuss the signs that indicate a need for roof cleaning:

  • Discoloration on the Shingles
    Over time, algae, dirt, and other debris can accumulate on the roof and cause discoloration. If this does not go away after a good rainstorm, chances are it’s time to give roof cleaning services in SeaTac, Washington, a call. Without proper cleaning, dirt and grime will continue to build up and lead to permanent stains that will require shingle replacements in the future.
  • Shingles That Appear Lifted
    When mold, algae, grime, and other debris accumulate on the surface of the roof, it can cause the shingles to lift away from the surface. When this isn’t gotten rid of quickly, it can lead to substantial damage.
  • Signs of Algae and Green Spots
    If you notice black or green spots on the roof, it may be algae or moss growth. They thrive in warm, humid environments and can hold moisture against the room. This will cause your shingles to deteriorate and break down over time. They can also cause water damage and leaks in your building.

Supreme Cleaning Service is your go-to provider of cleaning services. In addition to office cleaning in Washington, we also offer commercial, construction, and similar cleaning services. Reach out to us to discuss your needs with our staff.

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