The Three Phases of Post-Construction Cleaning


Congratulations on your newly-renovated office! However, as excited as you may be, you can’t move in just yet. Nails, screws, sawdust, wires, broken glass, and construction dust— the place is littered with dirt and debris that can compromise everyone’s health and safety. While the construction company may take care of debris removal, detailed commercial office cleaning is no longer a part of their job. This is where post-construction cleaning takes place. And no, it isn’t just about sweeping the floor and cleaning the carpet.

Post-construction cleaning is done in three phases, namely rough cleaning, light cleaning, and final cleaning. Learn more about each phase of office cleaning in Washington below.

  • Phase 1: Rough Cleaning
    The first phase of post-construction cleaning takes place after the installation of electric works, plumbing, and framing. In this phase, large items are removed. These items include debris, trash, and other materials that cannot be vacuumed. General sweeping, vacuuming, and roof cleaning in Woodinville will then follow.
  • Phase 2: Light Cleaning
    The second phase is the most tedious part of post-construction cleaning. It involves a lot of work and requires the use of cleaning equipment and tools. Restrooms, kitchens, and other rooms that serve a specific purpose are given special attention. Sinks, toilets, and windows are thoroughly cleaned in this phase.
  • Phase 3: Final Cleaning
    The last phase of post-construction cleaning is also called touch-up cleaning. This phase takes place several days after the light cleaning. It focuses on clearing dust and removing smudges and imperfections in previously-cleaned areas.

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